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Color opens my mind allowing it to go deeper into the subject. It is what  gets the ball of creativity  rolling ……from there the brush takes over.

My most recent series have been an exploration of particular places and people that have been paid little attention in busy city life. I take camera to thses places for documentational purposes. Often times ,dingy and atypical locations attract me more than a mall scene where I feel a void of

communication , energy , and honesty.

Once the cityscape is complete the particular location becomes very personal .... as if I lived there. At times I go back and the very same stores have been razed to make room for gentrification, However the people and the structures will be forever in my  heart , memory , and on canvas .

With all of life's changes , we are indeed fortunate to be alive in this 21st Century to witness evolutionary theory in action. Whether its printing and publishing being changed by high tech or tranportation impacted by modernity, we are reminded that this is a multilayered process and though the spectre of a bullet train is majestic, originally it was a rickshaw puller that got humanity from here to there


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