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 Most recent series have been an exploration of particular people and places that have been paid little attention in busy , light speed modern life. Before digesting the old informations, new ones waiting…

 The blur has overtaken our world , failing to show enough appreciation for these individuals and their locals.


I take the camera to these places for documantational and recording purposes . Often times , dingy and atypical locations attract me, sometimes it feels time stopped there . I feel a void of real communication , energy and honesty in a mall- like scene . False concepts of understanding, happiness , and seeing the reality runs so deep in our lives ,but seems to abandon the core of the truth. 


Once the cityscape  is complete the particular location becomes very personal to me … as if I lived there . At times I go back and the very same places have been razed to make room for gentrification. However the people and  structure will be forever in my heart  , my memory , and canvas .


 As an artist , I believe and feel the obligation to speak through art to tell the truth fearlessly , and  not to sit back and hide  from the truth  . If my art jolts and makes people think , I am communicating honestly . Integrity  shall tell the true story .


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